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Spousal Support Guidance From An Experienced Attorney

Spousal support is a complex aspect of divorce that’s often misunderstood. It can be a highly contested issue.

If you’re facing divorce and have questions about spousal support, turn to me for guidance. I’m Vincent M. Campiti, a South Bend lawyer with more than 25 years of experience helping clients navigate these major life transitions.

I have an in-depth understanding of the delicate matter of spousal maintenance. My approach is personalized and focused on your specific circumstances and needs. Whether we resolve your case through careful negotiation or vigorous litigation, I’m committed to finding the best path forward for you.

What To Know About Spousal Support

Spousal support, sometimes called alimony, is technically known as spousal maintenance in Indiana. It’s a court-ordered financial obligation from one spouse to another that continues after the end of the marriage.

Spousal maintenance isn’t a given; it’s awarded only in specific situations and for a limited time. Examples of cases that might warrant spousal maintenance include:

  • Incapacity: When one spouse can’t work due to physical or mental disability
  • Insufficiency: When one spouse lacks sufficient property or assets to provide for their own needs
  • Caregiving: When a spouse doesn’t work in order to care for a child with special needs
  • Career sacrifice: When a spouse has given up career opportunities to support the family or the other spouse’s career

Premarital agreements can also play a significant role in determining spousal maintenance.

Evaluating Your Case With A Clear Perspective

It’s understandable to feel that you’re owed something after the end of a long marriage. On the flip side, it’s also understandable to want all financial ties cut. In either situation, it’s important to get clarity on your options for addressing spousal maintenance.

I will assess your situation with a clear and objective perspective to determine whether you have a valid claim for spousal maintenance or if you have solid grounds to contest it. Whether you’re potentially receiving or paying alimony, I can help you understand your rights and the likely outcomes.

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