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Finding The Right Path Forward With Trusted Attorney Vincent M. Campiti

When it comes to legal troubles, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. I’m Vincent Campiti, a lawyer based in South Bend, and I’m committed to helping you find the right path forward.

I’ve been helping people like you overcome serious legal challenges for more than 25 years. My strong background in family law, criminal defense and general litigation makes me a powerful advocate for people from all walks of life. Whether your case warrants pursuing negotiation or trial, you can count on me for a strategic approach.

I’m a partner at the respected law firm of Nemeth Feeney Masters & Campiti, P.C. Learn more about me:

Renowned Litigation Experience In High-Profile Cases

Not every case ends up in court, but when it does, you need a fierce trial attorney on your side. My reputation as a formidable litigator comes from handling complex, high-profile cases. In the criminal defense arena, I was involved in the “Elkhart Four” case, which sparked international interest. I represented one of the four young men who faced felony murder charges under controversial circumstances. My relentless pursuit of justice led to a landmark decision by the Indiana Supreme Court.

With extensive experience in both jury trials and appeals, I have argued cases in state and federal courts throughout Indiana.

Informed Decisions Lead To Better Outcomes

I believe in empowering you with knowledge. By discussing the advantages and potential drawbacks of each option, we will work together to decide whether to pursue negotiation or proceed to trial. My goal is to provide you with the insight necessary to make informed decisions about your future so that you can feel comfortable moving forward.

Start On The Path To Justice Today

Justice is not just a concept; for me, it’s a commitment. I will stand by your side and fight for you.

Contact me today at 574-281-6104 and let’s talk about the next steps ahead.