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Understanding Indiana Child Relocation And Custody Laws

Divorce reshapes families, with separate homes and parenting time schedules becoming the new normal. A parent relocation can throw everything into chaos once more.

I am Vincent M. Campiti, a child custody attorney and certified family law mediator, and I know how a move can impact Indiana families. For over 25 years, I have helped those in Indiana find equitable legal solutions in relocation matters. Call my office to leverage my experience and relentlessness on behalf of you and your children.

Notice Is Key For Relocating Parents (Custodial Or Noncustodial)

Often, a move even is designed to be beneficial for the children as well as the parent who hopes to relocate. For example, a lucrative new job in another state could help pay for their college education.

In Indiana, a parent intending to move with a minor child must file a Notice of Intent to Relocate with the court in advance under certain circumstances. This promotes transparency and allows the other parent the opportunity to object.

The path to a successful move involving or impacting your child involves careful planning and legal strategy. I provide personalized support to avoid mistakes when petitioning for relocation under state custody and parenting time laws.

Nonmoving Parents (Custodial Or Noncustodial) Have Rights

I also help nonrelocating parents assert their rights. In Indiana, both custodial and noncustodial parents have the right to object to a proposed move involving their child within a number of days of receiving the Notice of Intent to Relocate. If a parent believes the move could compromise their interests, filing an objection empowers the court to conduct a case review.

Courts prioritize the involved children in relocation matters. If you are a parent who believes a move would unduly disrupt your children’s lives or strain their relationship with you, I can provide aggressive advocacy in court.

Preserving Child Relationships With Experience and Support

Protecting your child’s welfare and your parental rights are the top priorities in my South Bend, Indiana, family law practice. Call a lawyer who cares at 574-281-6104 for assertive advocacy and to talk more about child custody and relocation.